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Team USANA Update on Christy Prior!

Christy Prior, a New Zealand Freestyle Snowboarder and Team USANA elite athlete, gave us a quick update of the big results she’s had lately and what you can look out for coming up! Christy’s Recent BIG Results 3rd Place – Germany Big Air World Cup  1st Place – Snowmass Grand Prix 4th Place – X Games […]

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4 Reasons Nutrition Is Especially Important For Children

Nutrition is important at any age, especially for growing kiddies. We face new challenges in 2018, such as the vast selection of processed snacks available in stores, with added sugar and lacking in essential nutrients. Learn how you can support children’s nutritional needs and fuel them for the best future. Four Reasons Why Good Nutrition […]

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The Secret to Perfect Before and After Selfies – USANA Celavive®

A powerful and visual way to share your glowing results while using Celavive is to take a great before and after selfie. As well as showing your real results, it’s your chance to WIN our Social Media Competition! We’ve got a quick before and after selfie guide to help you take the best photos. How […]

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Unleash Your Body’s Age-Defying Power – USANA Celavive®

Have you dreamed of a skincare product promising youth-preserving results only to be let down time and time again? Now you can make that dream a reality. Launch Time! USANA in Australia and New Zealand is proud to launch its high-performance skincare system, USANA Celavive®, at its 20th Anniversary Celebrations on Friday, 12 January in […]

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Introducing New Zealand’s USANA Celavive® Ambassadors!

A Beauty Therapist, business women and wellness mamas. What do the following ladies all have in common? They are passionate about skincare and wellness! We’re excited to launch our new skincare range, USANA Celavive® in January 2018 and grateful to have these lovely ladies to be the face of Celavive and help share knowledge, experience […]

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Discover The Science of USANA Celavive®

International Convention 2017 goers came back raving none stop about USANA Celavive® after having a small taste of it. But, what makes Celavive different? It’s USANA®, so of course it’s going to be the revolutionary science behind the product! Introducing A New Approach Using targeted nutrient combinations, USANA Celavive awakens your skin’s natural renewal abilities to […]

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6 Summer Tips for Healthy Skin

It’s summertime, so that means BBQs at the beach, waterfall walks, picnics in parks and any other excuse we can find to slip on the jandals and soak up the sunshine. It also means it’s time to protect our precious skin. Vitamin D is great for us, but too much exposure to UV rays can […]

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USANA Whey Protein Booster – Bonus Protein Smoothie Recipe!

Did You Know That Protein Is Essential to Life? With the launch of USANA Whey Protein Booster in New Zealand, we thought we’d give you the down low on protein. Protein is a powerful nutrient made up of 20 amino acids that are components of every cell in your body. Protein is used to build […]

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What Can You Achieve in 28 Days? – USANA 28 Day RESET

The 5-Day RESET Jump Start program is an intense phase to kick off the RESET program. Once you have completed the 5-Day RESET Jump Start program, we encourage you to continue on your journey to better health by transitioning into the 28-Day RESET Transformation Pack. It gives you the time you need to start on […]

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Team USANA’s Choice: Top 6 Supplements Part Two

We’re proud to say, we have some of the BEST elite athletes in Team USANA. In the competitive world of sports, millimetres or milliseconds can decide whether a professional athlete is crowned the winner or loser.  Hence why supplementation is a popular subject as athletes strive to improve their performance and gain that competitive edge […]

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