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What Can You Achieve in 28 Days? – USANA 28 Day RESET

The 5-Day RESET Jump Start program is an intense phase to kick off the RESET program. Once you have completed the 5-Day RESET Jump Start program, we encourage you to continue on your journey to better health by transitioning into the 28-Day RESET Transformation Pack. It gives you the time you need to start on […]

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USANA Nutrimeal Shakes with a Delicious Twist

Easy steps to add a delicious twist to the regular Nutrimeal you know and love. Piña Colada Sunrise Try and stop yourself from adding a tiny umbrella to this delicious shake once you taste how close the flavors come to its original counterpart. 280g water 3 scoops Vanilla Nutrimeal 1/2 tsp. coconut extract 130g fresh pineapple 1/2 c. ice […]

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Spiced Kumara Shake

I had some leftover kumara, so I had a go at making a spiced kumara shake! It tastes like a spiced pumpkin drink and I love it! Those who love anything with spiced pumpkin need to give this a go. Purple kumara is rich in anthocyanins, which possess strong antioxidant properties. It is also high in […]

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Nutrimeal Free Idea – Another One For Your Sweet Tooth!

This fudge may be gluten, dairy and soy free but it’s certainly not taste free! This chocolate fudge is smooth and creamy and packed full of protein and calcium. Quick and easy, it would also make a great base with a dob of coconut yoghurt, topped with fresh raspberries and a sprinkling of freeze dried raspberry […]

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Christmas Breakfast Bowl

Wow Christmas is less than a week away! How is everyone doing? Some of us feel stressed and overwhelmed because there are many things to be done, such as looking for presents and cards, going grocery shopping, cleaning and decorating the house and so forth. If you feel that way, I want to invite you […]

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Strawberry & Passionfruit Nutrimeal shake

The other day I was thinking about what new recipe I could create with strawberry Nutrimeal. I wanted a different and fun recipe. When I opened the cupboard, I saw the passionfruit powder staring at me. I thought they could be a great match! That’s how I came up with this recipe. If you want […]

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Peanut Butter, Linseed & Nutrimeal Shake

Here’s a twist on the typical Vanilla Nutrimeal shake! It’s made with addition of linseed, peanut butter and cacao nibs! I ground the linseed into powder form first for better absorption otherwise they simply pass through the body whole. You can substitute linseed with LSA, a powder mixture of linseed, sunflower seeds and almond meal. It […]

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GI – how low can you go?

  Ravinder Lilly Writer and Dietitian Low GI eating is on everyone’s lips at the moment – but it’s not on everyone’s menu and that’s a problem. Choosing more low GI carbohydrates has so many health benefits. For example, it helps you to say fuller for longer which is important. In Australia and New Zealand, […]

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