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What Can You Achieve in 28 Days? – USANA 28 Day RESET

The 5-Day RESET Jump Start program is an intense phase to kick off the RESET program. Once you have completed the 5-Day RESET Jump Start program, we encourage you to continue on your journey to better health by transitioning into the 28-Day RESET Transformation Pack. It gives you the time you need to start on […]

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Team USANA’s Choice: Top 6 USANA Supplements

You live an active lifestyle and eat a healthy diet, but do you want to make sure you’re supplementing for optimal nutrition? Elite athletes are the best of the best. They require excellent nutrition and push their bodies to the limits. Who do you learn from? The best. That’s why we’ve gathered the need-to-know on […]

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Why Elite Athletes Choose USANA Supplements

Elite athletes rely on their body to perform at it’s peak. They train hard, follow a nutrition plan, and push themselves to the limit. They eat, sleep and drink to win. Our Team USANA athletes trust us to supplement their extraordinary lifestyles with top-of-the-line nutritional supplements. So this brings us to the question… Do athletes really […]

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How to Choose the Best Multivitamin

Even with the best intentions, sometimes we fall short on our nutritional needs. Food is the best source of nutrition, of course. However, taking a multivitamin can be a great way to fill any small gaps you might have in your diet. Let’s face it, there are only so many hours in the day. While […]

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USANA CellSentials® Not-So-Secret Recipe

A good recipe starts with the right ingredients in the right amounts. Multi vitamins and antioxidants are no different! The CellSentials Ingredients are not locked away in a vault in Salt Lake City under high security. In fact, they’re listed below! So what makes CellSentials different to other daily multi’s on the market? They include […]

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How to Build a Foundation for Optimal Nutrition – USANA CellSentials

Choosing to be the healthiest you can be, is a lifestyle. It’s something you work on each and every day, whether it’s starting your day with a nutritious breakfast, riding your bike to work, or taking your vitamins every night before bed. Ever heard of the saying health is wealth? Here at USANA, we believe […]

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Nourish Your Cells – CellSentials

Nutritional supplementation are an important step in supporting your cells and staying healthy. Keeping your cells healthy involves a war between antioxidants (the good guys) and free radicals (the bad guys). You can help keep your cells healthy by eating a nutritious diet, however many of us could use a little extra help to get […]

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Five InCelligence Takeaways

USANA’s InCelligence is a huge jump in nutritional science. The science behind it isn’t simple, but we’ve put together the five key things you need to understand about InCelligence and how it empowers your body, health and wellbeing. Nourish, Protect, Renew This superior triple-action system will nourish, protect and renew cells for optimal healthy cellular function. Let’s […]

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Tooting Our Own Horn – InCelligence

We’ve come a long way in nutritional science over the years… all the way to InCelligence. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the revolutionary science behind our new product the CellSentials. Not to toot our own horn, but it’s a huge leap in nutritional science. You could say that the journey to where […]

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Dr. Spelman explains InCelligence

Those of us who said goodbye to test-tubes and lab coats in high school might be wondering why USANA decided to upgrade Essentials to CellSentials, and what on earth InCelligence is. There are a lot of big words and it can be hard to wrap your head around. But once you’ve got it, you’ll see why there’s so much fuss […]

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