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Find A Balance Between Indulgence And Health This Christmas

Nov 08, 2011 0 comments

When you are looking for a party venue and find out that all the venues are booked out, you know that the festive season is in full swing! It feels just like yesterday and yapp, this year’s Christmas is just around the corner! Needless to say, you will have a lot on your plate for this holiday, but is keeping fit and healthy in your agenda as well? Lots of people will say “No – that’s almost impossible: how can you thoroughly enjoy yourself if you worry too much about your health or body shape?” Well, we have some smart USANA Associates, who find a way to balance the Christmas indulgence and their health. Want to know how? Here you go:

“Everyone’s favourite time of the year Christmas can also be a stumbling block in your overall health – Too much food, too much drink and depending where you live, too much sun… In other words, an overdose of just about everything that you wouldn’t normally do in 50 weeks of the year. Hey I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself but it’s always a good idea to take a few precautionary measures.

I usually increase my dose of nutritional supplements at that time of the year. Just for that week or so over Christmas and the New Year, as I then know I’m getting my full daily dose of minerals and vitamins during that critical period of not eating healthy foods and drinking far too much.

It’s also a time for the outdoors in the crazy heat of ‘down under’. All of us are out at the beach, BBQing or just out enjoying the summer weather. Do we put sunscreen on every time we go out? Not usually! What I do is to just make sure I put on my USANA Daytime Protective Emulsion before I head out. I also carry one in my pocket as sometime I can get caught out and stay out all day. It’s not quite as good as a 30+ sunscreen but it’s far better than nothing.

So enjoy summer everyone but don’t forget your USANA products to keep you in tip top shape for 2012.”

Jim Doherty, New Zealand

“With the free time and lovely summer weather, it’s a great opportunity to get out into the great outdoors. We find the Rev3 natural energy drink is the perfect way to get that boost of energy; especially on the longer hikes!

With all the time spent out and about in the summer weather, it’s great to know we’re protecting our skin with the Daytime Protective Emulsion and its built-in sunscreen.”

– Fiona Jamieson-Folland, New Zealand

“As everybody has a busy lifestyle these days, Christmas is just a great opportunity for us to catch up with friends! Instead of travelling, we tend to hold lots of parties at home. Indulgence with food and drinks are so unavoidable! But there’s still a way around it. To stay fit, we will choose to cook healthy food, such as salads and steamed meat rather than fried meat; and will always take USANA HepaPlus and Proflavonal C100 before drinking. We’d also like to take the opportunity to share our health tips with friends – this means we pick topics on health during the conversation and try to engage them in the discussion.”

– Kathy Huang & Wu Di, Sydney, Australia

“Christmas is a time when we are tempted by too many tasty treats. So we always try to make sure we keep moving – get plenty of exercise. Go for a walk; find a dog to chase; kick a ball around; go for a swim – as often as possible. We have plenty of USANA Probiotic on hand, just in case we over-indulge!

Christmas in Australia occurs at the hottest time of the year, right in the middle of summer. So why do we insist on the big heavy midday feast? Swap the roast turkey for fish on the barbie and trade the pudding for fruit salad. And don’t forget the USANA HealthPak!

– Jo & Warren Naseby, Perth, Australia

“I always look forward to the Christmas season as it is the most fun-filled and joyous part of the year. This year the Christmas season will be particularly so for me as my niece plans to get married during that time. I must therefore ensure that my family is suitably armed with USANA Proflavanol C100, CoQuinone and Poly C so that they will be bouncing off the walls with energy and make this the most memorable time of the year for us.”

– Kesha Bart, Perth, Australia

Great tips, aren’t they? We want you to have a carefree holiday, not one that will create loads of health problems. Try these tips and tell us if they work or not! Send your experience and tips to facebook@au.usana.com and you may be featured on USANAtoday.com!

Photos from foodtrotter.com

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