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Congratulations To Our Facebook Competition Winners!

Nov 03, 2011 0 comments

Summer is almost here and with during the ‘hot and sweaty season’ what can be more refreshing and re-energising than a cold glass of USANA Rev3?

During the recent Rev3 competition on our new USANA Australia New Zealand Facebook page, we received some great feedback and comments from Rev3 fans – here are a few:

There is nothing more tantalizing and refreshing than a 4pm REV3, my cocktail of choice to REVerse my fatigue, REVive my day and keep me REViving along – Sue Ross

Rev3 tastes great and provides a sustained increase in energy, especially mental. I find Rev3 fantastic in keeping me awake and active while on a 12 hour night shift – Gerard Ockerse

Early this year, Ayelet Fleming, one of the USANA Associates, held the first Rev3 Social in Nelson, New Zealand and Rev3 obviously got lots of attention from the young fellows: “Rev3 is the perfect product to do this with. For the younger social set it is about having a good time and having enough energy, but also introducing the possibility of how to do this with a healthy alternative. People had a great time; they were impressed with Rev3. Friends spoke to friends and isn’t that just how this business grows?

Thank you to everyone who participated… But who are the winners?

We are excited to announce the winners of this competition:

Kerry O’Rourke
and Selina Chan

Here’s what they had to say about Rev3:

I joined USANA six or seven weeks ago and one of the products I have started using is the Rev3 recommended to me by my immediate up line.

I was getting fatigued easily at work have done so for last two years. I use to take various energy drinks to get me through the day. I have started using Rev3 and did not notice any improvement in first four or five days other than I was not getting hi-po which generally comes when you get a sugar rush from drinking various energy drinks.

After five days I realize I was not getting tired in the afternoons and had slightly more energy. Four weeks into it, I feel natural all the time, no highs and lows, fatigue has gone and best of all, I don’t have cravings for energy drinks. Also my doctor had told me months ago, I had impaired glucose tolerance.

Now, for some reason, my readings are back to normal and it looks like I may not become a diabetic. So by cutting out all the energy drinks and taking Rev3, my life is back to normal.

All I can say is thanks USANA!
Kerry O’Rourke

Rev3 is a fantastic healthier alternative to energy drinks – I had no feeling of “crash and burn” here! I find it convenient in a little pack that’s easy to take on the run. Add the powder to water, mix, and voila… just drink and enjoy!

Selina Chan

Congratulations to you both! USANA Healthy Food Packs are on their way, right in time for a healthy and fit summer holiday!

If you aren’t familiar with Rev3 and what it can do for your energy levels, here are some blogs and photos of Rev3.

Our Rev3 Facebook competition has come to an end, but our new Facebook Fan Page has only just begun… keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive competitions coming soon!

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