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Meet Our USANA (Corporate) Dads

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and at USANA®, we are joining in the celebration of dads! Here’s to our USANA Dads, our Kiwi dads and dads across the globe!

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than to hear from the men themselves. Get to know the USANA Australia and New Zealand corporate team a little more and get the warm fuzzies as you read these special family moments from our USANA Corporate Staff Dads.

Haydn Walker

Operations Manager, Australia and New Zealand

Haydn and family

There have been so many proud moments and family trips, but I’ve picked a family holiday we went on last year to Fiji, Treasure Island. My wife and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary whilst over there and on the day of our anniversary we took a scenic helicopter tour around the island with our kids. It was such an amazing holiday, spending our time swimming, fishing, snorkelling, out on jet skis and just relaxing around the pool. The snorkelling I did with my 6 year old son was a great experience and I loved seeing how excited he was to see the coral and sea life.

It was also a great laugh when my wife, our two kids and I—kids aged six and three at the time—all piled into a two-person kayak and I paddled them around the island. I would do it all again tomorrow, as I’m sure anyone would.

Geoff Mulham

Field Education and Development

Geoff M and his family

Being a good Dad means that you have to be a good teacher as well, even if you ruffle a few feathers from time to time. ☺

My family moment is when we were travelling together a couple of months ago. I organised train tickets to an exhibition. “But Dad, why can’t we get a taxi or an Uber?”

Jason Ma

Field Development Coordinator, New Zealand

Jason and his family

This photo captured a special father and son moment from my wedding day, which was in January 2018. It was a sunny day without cloud! We looked at each other and we knew it was a new start for both of us. We have had many ups and downs in life, but we stay strong as a family.

I want to say “Thank you!” to my wife, for me, and for my son.

Like I always say, I am not teaching my son, we learn from each other and that is how we hold the family together and make ourselves stronger.

Robbie Goldin

International Controller – Asia Pacific Region

Robbie and family

A special family moment was on the 1st of July this year, when I competed in my first marathon at the Gold Coast. My family came along to support me. It was a wonderful experience to compete, but to experience this with my family was very special. I was indeed a very proud dad on the day.

Have You Got Father’s Day Sorted?

Father’s Day is a time we are grateful for our family and reflect on all the special moments we’ve shared with them—particularly dad! How do you celebrate? Breaky in bed, spending time with dad or a small gift?

As part of our dad celebrations, we have a limited-time only Men’s Celavive Tool Kit, featuring all the basics—available in August 2018 only. Treat dad today—visit the USANA New Zealand Shop!

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