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Introducing New Zealand’s USANA Celavive® Ambassadors!

A Beauty Therapist, business women and wellness mamas. What do the following ladies all have in common? They are passionate about skincare and wellness! We’re excited to launch our new skincare range, USANA Celavive® in January 2018 and grateful to have these lovely ladies to be the face of Celavive and help share knowledge, experience and information so that we can all be Celavive pros!

As USANA Founder and Visionary Myron Wentz said, “We are now focused on the future and have found a way to incorporate our ground-breaking InCelligence® technology into our skincare products. By introducing USANA Celavive® to the world, we will once again change the competitive landscape as we know it.”

Here are our ambassadors representing the future of USANA!

Vivienne Lee

Vivienne Lee, USANA Celavive Ambassador

Vivienne says, “Being a business woman who meets a lot of people every day, I have to look my best at all times, with or without makeup. I also want to keep my skin looking youthful! Hence, I need a skincare product that not only makes my skin glow, but also has scientifically proven anti-ageing properties. In Celavive, I have found my answer! Celavive works for all skin types and all ages. I am glad to be representing such an amazing product, and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

Naomi Makahunuiu

Naomi USANA Celavive Ambassador

Naomi says, “As a busy home-school mumma-of-four, in my early thirties, I’m at the age where I think about how I can keep my skin looking young and gorgeous for as long as possible! I want to age with grace and beauty, having a couple of fine lines that show laughter and joy, not an aged face that looks like it’s suffered years of stress.”

“I’m super passionate about Celavive as it gives me a super non-complex way to treat my skin with the love it deserves. Not only that, but I get to share this beautiful product with others, helping them learn how to love and care for the skin they’re in.”

Michelle Heatherley

Michelle Parker, USANA Celavive Ambassador

Michelle has been in the beauty industry for thirteen years and has always had a passion for helping people with their skin. She says, “I have worked with A LOT of ranges over the years, some good, some bad, and all of them expensive. I didn’t start to really get results for my clients until I introduced them to USANA’s products. I love that I can offer a top of the line, holistic approach to skin health that my clients can afford. Celavive is the ultimate skincare with breakthrough scientific technology behind it, and I wouldn’t use or recommend anything else. I love it!”

Tiffany Matthews

Tiffany Matthews, USANA Celavive Ambassador

Tiffany Matthews lives in Tauranga New Zealand with her husband and two children, Frankie and Luca. She says, “As a busy mum I am often pressed for time in the mornings, so it’s important that my skin routine is simple and easy to follow. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so I need my skin to be healthy and glowing in its natural state.”

“I also know that when we take care of our skin, we are taking care of the largest organ in our bodies. This is why I am so excited to be using Celavive because not only does it make my skin look beautiful, but it can actually aid in my overall health.”

Claire Wu

Claire Wu, USANA Celavive Ambassador

Claire and her husband were introduced to USANA three years ago. She says, “We were so amazed by Dr Wentz’s vision and high quality products, which have helped millions of people. I especially love skincare products and hosting home parties. I love being able to share such game changing products with others.”

Look out for our USANA Celavive Ambassadors at Celebration 2018 in New Zealand!

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