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Interview with Gymnast David Bishop

May 11, 2017 0 comments Athletes, david bishop, Team USANA

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kiwi gymnast, coach, and sponsored USANA athlete, David Bishop.  Keep reading to find out what’s up next for the 2014 Commonwealth Games bronze medalist (for the men’s floor event)!

This year it’s all about qualifying for the next Commonwealth Games for David. Plus, he’s really focusing on coaching this year.

Bonus tip: you can head along for an open day at David’s gym, Tri Star Gymnastics and test out your gymnastic skills! Get in contact with them to give it a go, or simply have a play around.


Your big goal for this year is qualifying for the Commonwealth Games, are you getting ready for this yet?

Yes, I’m getting ready for it now. I’m getting all my fitness and my skills ready for my routines. My big focus is on the floor apparatus, which is my best and the one that I want to make a final on at the Commonwealth Games if I go, and have another chance at a medal. That’s my big goal.

My first competition is in two months [22 July 2017], but I’m going to have to get an operation on my elbow because I have a fragment in the joint that’s getting in the way. Which is a quick surgery. Apparently it’s only a 2-4-week recovery.

What else are you focusing on this year?

I’ve got a big focus on my coaching. I want to be a coach for the New Zealand team eventually. I’m building up my foundation for that and doing a coaching course with New Zealand Sport. I’m learning so much. It works really well with my training and my coaching, because I can see it from the coaching perspective and athlete’s perspective too.

I’m hoping to coach at a competition in America, which is for people that are representing New Zealand, but not at an international level. It’s more like juniors. That’s the next step!

Are you coaching full-time?

My role here at TriStar is full-time. I coach just over 30 hours a week, and the rest of that is administration, looking after the men’s competitive program.

The other thing I love doing is getting away and going hiking, mountain biking and things like that. Getting out into the wilderness is my favourite thing to relax.

Not only did I get to interview David, but he taught me to do a back-flip too! Watch the video below: 

Why do you trust USANA for your supplements?

Well, they work quite well! I’m obviously busy, and since I’ve been on them I find that I have more energy, for stuff that I would normally feel more tired with. The shakes and foods are really handy after training. The new protein bars are awesome for that too. They’re really good as a snack, because while I’m coaching I need the protein, and it’s just something really easy to have. They’re really useful.

What are your thoughts on USANA’s CellSentials?

I like them. I definitely like them. And this isn’t performance based, but they taste better!

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure food?

It’s always chocolate. When I was training intensely for the Commonwealth Games, I was trying to be really healthy and I would always come home and have a big craving for chocolate. I would eat a whole block of chocolate, and I used to feel so guilty for it. Now I realise that my body actually needed it, because I was training so much, I was probably not giving my body everything it needed, which in turn doesn’t help you. Now, I try to not eat chocolate, but instead have peanut butter, avocado, nuts or something like that to get my healthy fats.

What competitions can people look out for you in?

My first proper competition this year is here at my gym club on July 22. People can come watch. You can just walk in, but the door charge is around $5 to $10. It will have all the Commonwealth Games trialists there. I’m looking forward to it.

What’s the best way for people to keep up with what you’re doing?

I’ve been a bit MIA on social media recently, because I haven’t been training as much. But you can follow me on my Instagram and Facebook page. I will start to use and put information up about my competitions coming up and results now that I’m starting back into training.

Written by Monique Sparks
Marketing Assistant – USANA New Zealand

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