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Be The Best You – The CellSentials Competitive Edge

Nov 03, 2016 0 comments competitive edge, incelligence, optimiser

We know that our health is important, however sometimes it takes a back seat. We focus on our career, house, social life and money, but it means nothing if we don’t have our health. None of us want to look back with poor health and wish we have paid more attention to our bodies. Now is the perfect time to start giving your body some tender loving care! Our core-mineral and vita-antioxidant supplements – the CellSentials, could be just what you need.

Behind the Curtains

Internationally renowned microbiologist and immunologist, Dr. Myron Wentz, founded USANA Health Sciences with a specific vision in mind — to create the healthiest family on Earth. This vision has carried forward through years of innovative research and product development.

The result? A superior line of a variety of nutritional products, including the cutting-edge new Science of InCelligence. This exceptional science features products that have advanced amounts of micronutrients designed to nourish, protect, and renew your cells.

Another unique point? USANA has never acquired another supplement company simply to expand our product line. Creating the best supplements has always been our goal and PASSION. We are committed to the very best — we have a clear mission and a purpose that is entirely our own.


Making the Impossible Possible


USANA is constantly pushing the boundaries. Our talented Research and Development team stays connected with the latest science and we meticulously control the manufacturing process of every single in-house product. In fact, USANA goes above and beyond what many

companies do: every sample of raw material goes through microbiological, potency and physical testing to ensure they meet our strict standards. These standards include testing for things like purity, solubility, strength and quality. You can feel confident that what you receive from USANA is what’s listed on the label.


CellSentials Mystery Solved

Walk inside any supermarket or chemist and you’re likely to find inexpensive vitamin and mineral supplements lining the shelves. You may wonder what separates these supplements from CellSentials®. Some supplements work on the concept of adding high amounts of antioxidants to your diet in the hope of your body picking up enough for them to be useful. This approach continues to be sold as an acceptable method of nourishing your cells. But as science has advanced and we learn more about how cells work, we went a step further.

At USANA, we’ve discovered nutrients that actually support your cells to work efficiently to optimize your body’s own antioxidant network.
It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize the difference in quality. You could say the mainstream vitamin supplementation market has adopted more of a shotgun approach, hoping for the best, as opposed to a more well-thought through scientific approach fostered at USANA Health Sciences.


Good Health in Your Near Future

Once a healthy foundation has been formed with our CellSentials supplements, the USANA Optimiser supplements can also be added to support individual needs. Procosamine®, for instance, utilises the Science of InCelligence to help support joint health by helping to maintain healthy cartilage, so you can enjoy an active lifestyle. Our Procosamine complex provides the same benefits of glucosamine sulfate without using shellfish or other animal-based ingredients. Not only is it one of the few vegetarian formulas available on the market, the addition of curcumin and vitamin C makes Procosamine a highly effective comprehensive approach to joint health.

And that’s just one of our many outstanding products. There are many more where they came!

USANA Health Sciences has never relied on gimmicks or marketing magic, so when we roll out one of the most exciting ideas in 20 years, you can bet that it’s based on real science. Next time you share USANA and the Science of InCelligence with others, share with them some of these key points on why USANA is the best.

There’s no time like the present to put your health in the front seat. Fuel your body with the best nutrition and get on the road to being the best you!

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