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Feed Your Skin from The Inside and Out – Sensé

Dec 21, 2016 0 comments beauty, nourish, sense

Optimal health starts from the inside and shines through to the outside. To get beautiful and radiant skin, you need to look at your health holistically. Applying topical creams, toners, and cleansers is part of it, but you also need a broad spectrum strategy that will reinforce your skin care application and at the same time allow you to look and feel your best.

Let’s face it – no one wants to get old. As much as we hate the idea of ageing, it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. There is one thing we can control though, the rate at which our body degrades over time (Horrible to think about, I know!). It is commonly thought that the fountain of youth lies deep within our cells. So you could say that increasing the functioning efficiency of our cells and the millions of processes in our body is the key to unlocking your skin’s full potential. To make a real difference you need to anti-age your body from the inside, tackling the underlying causes of those tell-tale signs of ageing rather than just masking them.

Obtaining optimal skin health is a combination of many things. Diet is extremely important and is one of the major precursors to optimal skin health as well as good general wellbeing.  If anyone tells you otherwise, they have no idea what they’re talking about. You are what you eat. The nutrients you ingest are absorbed and distributed around your body, acting as the building blocks for proper cellular functioning. And that cellular efficiency translates into your physical appearance. Now can you see how important it is to pay attention to your diet?

A healthy and balanced diet comprises of protein rich foods, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable. This will help to ensure that your body receives all the nutrients it needs to age beautifully. The problem today is that a healthy balanced diet is not even close to providing enough of the vital nutrients we need on a daily basis. Did you know that our bodies actually require far more micronutrients than the RDIs (recommended dosages defined by government agencies to avoid deficiency diseases) to be healthy?

One of the best ways to counteract this state of undernourishment is supplementation. You wouldn’t use inferior petrol to fuel an expensive car, so then why would you consume inferior quality food products to fuel your body. Unlike a car, we only have one body. USANA Health Sciences understands this and offers a premium range of supplements to help combat both nutrient deficiencies and toxins which are constantly bombarding our bodies every day.

sense beautiful science; skin careYou need the right nutrients, the correct amounts, the right balance and in the proper forms. USANA’s CellSentials does just that and can help you build a strong foundation for exceptional health with its comprehensive spectrum of necessary vitamins and minerals, accompanied by the breakthrough science of InCelligence that helps to empower your cells to produce powerful endogenous antioxidants. It also contains a natural source of Vitamin A (a powerful antioxidant that helps protect and repair skin), Vitamin D (which growing evidence suggests plays a role in hair growth), and both Vitamin B and Zinc (which help promote skin, hair and nail health).

If you think that’s great, then brace yourself for the optimisers. USANA’s Vitamin D provides a more potent dose of you guessed it – Vitamin D, and BiOmega contains omega-3 fatty acids which are important structural components of all cell membranes. When it comes to skin health every little bit of help counts. The powerful bioflavonoid supplement, Proflavanol C100, however can specifically help to defend against cellular damage caused by free radicals that can negatively impact our skin’s appearance. When our skin’s collagen is damaged by our external environment, its structure becomes distorted, leading to poor skin texture, wrinkles and other imperfections. Proflavanol C100 not only provides a rich source of vitamin C that is required for collagen synthesis, the added proanthocyanidins may also protect the skin against UV-induced oxidative damage which may be beneficial in improving skin-ageing appearance.

Combine a healthy diet, supplementation, and USANA’s Sensé skin and beauty products and you have a recipe for success. Sensé will help your skin repair from the outside and solidify the nourishment your cells are receiving from the inside-out by your USANA supplements. Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect miracles overnight. Being truly healthy is an up-hill battle and in most cases the significant benefits of a health regime are usually seen after 3 months. If you are serious about your skin health, then why not start today? Optimal health is within us all, we just have to take action!

Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Use only as directed. Always read the label.


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